Jess and John 9-12-2015

If you are going to be the “official” photographer at a wedding, this is the wedding to do!  Jess and John are amazing.  They were the most relaxed bride and groom.  Their family and friends were so much fun.  It made me feel like like I was a guest at their wedding.

I even had my hair done, too!


_MG_8092-Edit _MG_8094-Edit _MG_8276-Edit _MG_8325-Edit _MG_8436-Edit _MG_8579-Edit

The wedding party made their grand entrances, dancing up the aisle.

_MG_8717-Edit _MG_8809-b&w

Jess wore red under her white.

DZ5T0752-Edit DZ5T0759-Edit DZ5T0786-Edit DZ5T0823-Edit

All the girls helped each other getting ready, we took the mirror out of the bathroom 🙂

DZ5T0869-Edit DZ5T0911-Edit DZ5T0947-Edit DZ5T0967-b&w

John and Jon, getting ready for the big moment!

DZ5T1021-Edit DZ5T1035-Edit

And, Jess getting ready to meet her man at the alter…

DZ5T1118-Edit DZ5T1138-Edit DZ5T1148 b&w DZ5T1165-Edit DZ5T1188-Edit

Dad and John meeting the bride!

DZ5T1214-Edit DZ5T1281-Edit DZ5T1313-Edit DZ5T1325-Edit DZ5T1336-Edit DZ5T1347-Edit DZ5T1350-Edit DZ5T1400-b&w DZ5T1442-Edit DZ5T1466-Edit DZ5T1485-Edit DZ5T1622-Edit DZ5T1629-Edit DZ5T1661-Edit-2 DZ5T1730-Edit DZ5T1878-Edit DZ5T1882-Edit

Dad giving the bride away…

DZ5T2064-Edit DZ5T2098-Edit-Edit DZ5T2141-Edit DZ5T2166-Edit DZ5T2252-Edit DZ5T2264-Edit DZ5T2392-Edit DZ5T2425-Edit DZ5T2515-Edit DZ5T2547-Edit DZ5T2601-Edit DZ5T2701-Edit DZ5T2721-b&w DZ5T2837-Edit DZ5T2871-Edit

  • November 11, 2015 - 1:52 pm

    Jess P - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! We love the pictures and you did the best job ever!!!ReplyCancel

    • December 31, 2017 - 1:58 am

      dgratzinger - Hugs!!ReplyCancel

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