Donna Gratz Photography featured on FOX29 Philadelphia

These photos can actually be dangerous for your baby, if your photographer doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Pediatrician Dr. Judy Larkin and Donna Gratzinger, an accredited newborn photographer, joined “Good Day Philadelphia’s” Mike Jerrick live on Friday morning to provide some tips and demonstrate how some of these photos are actually taken. You may be surprised.

Among the guidance they shared was:

  • Use resources on the internet to find an accredited newborn photographer;
  • Don’t force a pose;
  • In the “froggy pose,” baby must be supported at all times with assistant hands on baby;
  • In the “suspended pose,” baby is never actually suspended in the air; posing is done on the floor or a beanbag;
  • In the “potato sack pose,” baby must be swaddled snug, not tight, and there must be support back of baby’s neck.

Watch the video for more information!

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